i-phone photography Londoni-phone photography London i-phone photographyi-phone photography i-phone photography treesi-phone photography trees i-phone photography Ashmoleani-phone photography AshmoleanContemporary photography of Oxford university colleges, people and architecture taken with Apple iPhone

Anyone can take a good photograph.....
You do not need the best camera to be a good photographer.  With the correct understanding of light, composition and the equipment you are using you will be able to produce stunning images.  All of the images on this page have been taken with my i-phone, the rest of my web site, the images are taken with DSLR cameras, the principle is the same, getting for the best image possible.
I offer fun, informative and professional tutorial sessions, whether it be small groups of up to 12 or one to one lessons, my aim is the same, for you to understand and enjoy your photography, at any level.  Group tutorial sessions start at as little as £95.00 for up to 6 people, please contact me for more details.

New College gardenNew College garden
Oxford CastleOxford Castle Syllabus
Photography covers a wide and varied range of topics; history of photography, understanding your camera settings, exposure, ISO, shutter speed, lenses, indoor and outdoor lighting, flash, studio lighting, when to use a tripod, night photography, street photography, landscape photography, portrait photography, posing, macro photography, sports photography, film, types of cameras, mobile phone cameras, apps for mobile phone photography, copyright, digital editing - jpeg, raw files, cropping, resolution, cloning, correcting imperfect images.

One to One Photographic Tours of Oxford
I can also offer one to one photographic tours of Oxford. Sharing ideas and inspiration on how to get the best images of this historic and architecturally beautiful city.  Each tour lasts 3 hours and includes a friendly guide to some of the best places to photograph in Oxford together with some expert photographic advice. Cost £95.00 

i-phone photography St Johns collegei-phone photography St Johns college
i-phone photography Waddesdon Roof topsi-phone photography Waddesdon Roof tops